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I hoped to finish this before school started but nope
I'm just glad I was able to do it at all lol
Based off an adorable rp I did with buttfabric, her oc Carona will be on the left and she's a ram and it'll be the deer and the ram and it'll be super cute okay 
This is also the first time I dolled Solstice, which is sad considering how long ago I adopted her but I have so many adopts I need to doll anyway so welp  
Will put base link on finished product whenever the hell that may be 
Taken from Useful-Toxican 

Eren Jaeger: 

[x] You can be stubborn at times. 
[x] You have a strong desire for something.
[/] You're impatient. 
[ ] You've had many near-death experiences. 
[x] You care greatly for the people close to you.

Total: 3.5

Mikasa Ackerman: 
[x] You're very protective of somebody. 
[x] You can keep calm in most situations.
[/] You are strong-willed. 
[ ] You have blue eyes. 
[x] You are sensible. 

Total: 3.5

Armin Arlert:
[/] You're timid. 
[ ] You're physically frail. 
[x] You're intelligent. 
[/] You think you're useless.
[/] You want to see the world 

Total: 2.5

Sasha Braus: 
[x] You love potatoes. 
[/] You're simple minded
[/] You're friendly.
[ ] You're from the south.
[ ] You're eccentric.

Total: 2

Krista Lenz (Historia Reiss): 
[/] You're shy.
[x] You're kind.
[ ] You cry easily. 
[x] You like to help others.
[x] You don't know how to react in certain situations.

Total: 3.5

Annie Leonhardt: 
[x] You isolate yourself from others.
[/] You have a difficult time making friends. 
[/] You put minimal effort into activities. 
[ ] You have a strange fascination with something.
[x]  You're apathetic.

Total: 3

Reiner Braun: 
[/] You take things very seriously.
[x] You think of others before yourself.
[/] You have a negative attitude toward yourself.
[/] You're very passionate.
[x] You're kind-hearted. 

Total: 3.5

Jean Kirschtein: 
[x] You speak your mind. 
[x] You're honest.
[ ] You make a good leader.  
[ ] You have brown hair
[/] You're very competitive with somebody. 

Total: 2.5

Marco Bolt:
[x] You're kind. 
[ ]You're somewhat tall.
[ ] You have freckles. 
[/] You're normally the one to resolve arguments.
[x] You're afraid of dying alone. 

Total: 2.5

[ ] You're almost always cleaning. 
[x] You tend to be unapproachable. 
[x] You respect order and structure. 
[/] You despise most authority figures.
[x] Sometimes, you can be quite sadistic.

Total: 3.5

Hanji Zoe: 
[x] You love learning new things. 
[ ] You're hyperactive. 
[x] You're deeply interested in something.
[x] You're over-emotional about something.
[ ] You frighten people. 

Total: 3

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